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Timely Local News From Normie & Company For the audio version of our this blogpost and our more detailed podcast click here: Normie & Co Podcast We're going to try and bring you some honest local news - not whats happening in London, not what you read in the papers, but what's actually happening here in North Manchester. January Offers - You've never had it so good. Can you believe it? January 2016 sees North Manchester as being one of the cheapest places on the planet to sell your house! The consumer is king as you are benefitting from the best value ever as competing agents try and outdo each other to win your business. You can tell its January as all the agents are out there vying for your business and there seems to be a promotional rate war going on as we speak. One of our main competitors a similarly sized agency are running a promotional campaign, its well advertised and people have seen it. It effectively offers a substantial discount on regular fees subject to a minimum fee level of £1250.00 plus VAT. Now the minimum fee might mean that the discounted percentage price is a bit of a red herring, but nonetheless it will be cheaper than you normally would expect to pay. Our policy is quite widely advertised as well - we will match or beat any promotional fee offered by any other agency offering a like for like service. Its quite simple. However... there is a much smaller competitor agency out there at the moment that seems to be quite upset about the promotional rates and has decided to teach the discounters a lesson. They have consistently undercut the minimum fee rates or offered fixed fee deals at ridiculously cheap prices meaning only one thing - service has to suffer. If you want a cheap online agency, you can read what we think about that here (You only get what you pay for), there are plenty to choose from but you will effectively end up marketing and selling your own house - in which case don't pay anyone else for it, because online agencies do not add any particular value to your sales process. If you want a full service provider, we are happy to provide you with the best that North Manchester has to offer subject to a reasonable fee. Not a lot of people know this, but over the average life of a property on the market, advertising on web portals alone will cost an agent a minimum of £350 and thats before they've done a single viewing or made a single phone call. Therefore, if you are being offered rates of £600 or £1000 just to fulfil someone's vendetta, you should ask yourself whether the agent is interested in selling your house (after all he's potentially losing money)  or are they merely using you as an example to teach a lesson to another competing agent. We are sure you'd like your agent to put you and your house first, over and above any professional rivalry.b We offer you a full service and our policy of matching one off promotional rates is simple - we believe you should have the agent you want (Normie & Company) at the  promotional rate you want. We've had consistent success with this over the years and the number of new instructions we are bringing to the market continues to increase. January has been a great month so far, with lots of activity. We add value to any sales process, so don't get caught up in petty politics - the only thing we are interested in is helping you to sell your home. Online Valuation Tools Our online valuation tool (We need to talk about) continues to be a smash hit, with lots of people having a go at finding out what their approximate house value is in an instant. We've had a good few people that have put their house on the market as a result of this, as it opens the discussion of "is now the right time to move?" Drone Photography The jury is still out on drone photography for houses. Video tours never really caught on in North Manchester and we are not sure that this will either. We have always believed that traditional photography entices the buyer to take a closer look and book a viewing. Ironically, a video tour can do the opposite as the buyer feels that they've already seen everything there is to see online. There's no substitute for the feeling that a buyer gets when they walk into you house that first time, and no video is going to recreate that reality virtually. Drone tours are slightly different. Essentially, the drone video tour will feature your roof line in all its glory and unless you've had a new roof put on last week, that might not be such an attractive thing. It could be fantastic news for roofing contractors but lets see whether this catches on or reaches this part of the world. Landlord Tax Changes Whilst landlords continue to pray for their efforts to overturn the government's proposed tax changes to be successful (see our post  Taxation is not regulation)  there seems to be a rush for buy to let investors trying to get their deals through before April. Traditionally, buy to let investors have competed with first time buyers at the lower end of the market, and maybe these new changes will be good news for first time buyers. We will continue to monitor these developments. That's all for this week - don't forget - we can add value to your property needs so give us a call on 01617737715 and let us know how we can help.