• Get your finances in place

    Make sure you have your financial arrangements sorted out before you start to look at properties and have looked into what mortgages deals you could get.

    If you need a mortgage get this arranged, the broker will give you a certificate/AIP which we will need site of if an offer is accepted – we are able to recommend a mortgage adviser if required.

    If you don’t require a mortgage, please arrange for us to have sight of a bank statement or letter from your bank/accountant to verify proof of funds. The agent has a duty to check this and it must remain confidential.

  • Viewings

    Do your homework, drive past the outside first, look at the room sizes on the floorplan – does it work for you? Look at the immediate area, read the details thoroughly – if all OK, ring and book the viewing before someone else snaps it up.

  • Get a good solicitor

    Getting a good solicitor will help to ensure the buying process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Ask friends and family members for any recommendations or we are more than happy to refer some solicitors to you. We recommend getting a few quotes but remember that cheap doesn't always mean best. When you contact a potential solicitor ask how long their average transaction takes to go through.

  • A great local team, with years of experience - use us!!

    We pride ourselves on being a team with vast experience in the estate and lettings sector. When customers write in with thanks, they often mention individual team members. We ensure customers get the right expertise from the right team member, to meet their needs.

  • Communicate during the property buying process

    Don’t disappear on holiday for two weeks without informing all necessary parties. Don’t ignore any aspects of letters about the purchase that you don’t understand. Raise any queries you have about the purchase immediately.

  • Money, money, money

    Buying a property costs money; a lot of money. You'll be asked to hand over your hard-earned cash throughout the process.

    Here’s a sample if expenses to consider:

    • logo-image Mortgage arrangement fee
    • logo-image Mortgage indemnity fee
    • logo-image Lender's valuation fee
    • logo-image Conveyancing
    • logo-image Estate Agent’s fee
    • logo-image Land Registry fee
    • logo-image Surveys
    • logo-image Stamp duty land tax
    • logo-image Removals
    • logo-image Contingency fund (there are always unexpected costs along the way)
    • logo-image Building and contents insurance

For further advice simply give us a call…on 0161 773 7715.